General Terms and Conditions “Hotel Pax” Split

Initial provisions

Article 1.

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter only as “GT&Cs”) apply to the provision of services by the operator of the Hotel “Pax”, Put iza nove bolnice 10c 21000 Split, Hrvatska (hereinafter only as „Hotel“), Pax et bonum d.o.o, Kašteline 6, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić, OIB: 25114795185, registred in Buisness register of Trgovački sud u Splitu MBS:060403639, (hereinafter only as the “Operator”), and to the payment and cancellation conditions regarding the bookings made by a client, as well as to all other rights and obligations arising under a legal relationship established by the booking of hotel services.

Article 2.

The client is entitled to use the hotel services only after he/she has accepted these GT&Cs. It is recommended that the client familiarises himself/herself with these GT&Cs prior to making a booking. When using the hotel services repeatedly, the client is always required to read an up-to-date version of the GT&Cs. The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally amend these GT&Cs; the amended GT&Cs are effective as of the date of their publication on the Operator’s website. By confirming his/her booking, the client expresses his/her unconditional consent to these GT&Cs and their annexes.

Article 3.

By expressing his/her consent to these GT&Cs, the client represents to have attained at least 18 years of age and to have the full legal capacity to assume rights and obligations.


Article 4.

A booking can be made in one’s own name or for a third person.

Article 5.

When making a booking, the client can search available free hotel capacities by entering his/her requirements in a booking form (date of arrival, date of departure, type of room, etc.).

Article 6.

After filling in all information regarding the start and end dates, type of room, additional services, etc., when making a booking the client shall provide all requested information.

Article 7.

Following the completion of all requested information, making a payment pursuant to these GT&Cs, and verification of the information entered, a booking confirmation, including a reservation number, will immediately be sent to an email address provided by the client. The assigned reservation number serves as a booking confirmation, as contact data for making any changes or for cancelling the booking, and as a confirmation to be presented upon check-in in the Hotel. Therefore, the client is required to safely store the reservation number.

Article 8.

A gift voucher may be claimed and a stay based on that voucher may be booked via the hotel reception desk only (contact information included in Article 4 of the GT&Cs).

Payment conditions

Article 9

By confirming the booking, the client agrees to make a payment for the booked stay to the Operator of the Hotel and authorises the Operator to accept that payment. The client shall pay for the reservation an advance payment, specified on an advance payment invoice issued by the Operator, following the receipt of that invoice, and the balance at the reception desk upon check-out.

Sojourn (Tourist) Tax

In accordance with the regulations governing payment of the sojourn tax, the guest must pay the sojourn tax upon payment for his/her hotel accommodation. The amount of sojourn tax payable in Croatia is dependable of the season and destination. Children under the age of 12 are excluded from the sojourn tax, while children aged 12-18 pay a discounted rate of 50%. The sojourn tax is payable at the same time as the outstanding amount of the reservation. The amount of the sojourn tax is clearly indicated on the bill which is issued to the guest upon calculation and payment of services.

Article 10.

The advance payment for the booked and confirmed services shall be made within 7 days of receipt of the advance payment invoice, otherwise the reservation is deemed cancelled. Following a successful receipt of the advance payment, an invoice on the receipt of the advance payment will be issued to the client.

Article 11.

If the client shortens the booked stay in the Hotel, the Hotel is entitled to charge the full agreed price for the entire duration of the booked stay.

Changes in reservations and cancellation conditions

Article 12.

The client may change its reservation in writing, by phone or an email sent to the hotel reception desk using the following contact information:

Telephone number: +385 21 280 887


mailing address: Hotel Pax, Put iza nove bolnice 10c, 21000 Split, Hrvatska

When requesting a change in the reservation, the client shall always quote the reservation number assigned and sent to the client upon booking. If the client’s request for a change in the reservation cannot be satisfied due to capacity or other operating reasons, the Operator will take all reasonable steps to satisfy the client’s demands, however, the Operator is under no obligation to satisfy the client’s request for the change in the reservation and the client has no right to claim damages or any other performance from the Operator due to the inability to change the reservation.

Article 13.

If the client has booked accommodation using a travel agency that is a partner of the Hotel, all changes and cancellations must be resolved with the travel agency they used to book the accommodation. The travel agency and the hotel, in accordance with their mutual contractual relations, resolve issues related to changes and cancellations.

If the client terminates the contract and cancels the reservation, the Operator has the right to charge cancellation compensation as follows:


Article 14.

Individual reservations

No cancellation fee will be charged for all bookings canceled up to 2 days before the expected arrival at the Hotel, unless the booking is made using a special non-refundable price list.

Article 15.

If the reservation is made using a special non-refundable price list, compensation will be charged for cancellation or change of reservation at any time.

Article 16.

Group reservations

Group conditions are subject to special conditions and compensation in case of cancellation or reduction of the contingent of rooms specified in the Group Price List of the Hotel, which is delivered to the partner, before booking.

Article 17.

No-show, unsuccessful check-in for a booked stay

If the client does not register for the booked stay by 22:00 on the agreed day of arrival, the Operator is entitled to compensation for cancellation.

Amount of cancellation compensation

Article 18.

Individual reservations

Cancellation fee is 100% of the booking amount

Article 19.

Group reservations

Compensation for canceling a reservation or reducing the number of rooms is indicated in the Group Price List of the Hotel, which is delivered to the partner before booking.

Article 20.

The operator reserves the right to decide individually on each request for cancellation of compensation in the event of cancellation or reduction of the contingent of rooms.

Article 21.

Cancellation compensation for massages, treatments and other services.

Massages, treatments and other services are subject to special cancellation compensation rules listed in the price lists of these services.

Article 22.

In the case of any doubts or questions that may arise in connection with the booking, the client may contact the hotel reception desk by phone at +385 21 280 287 or by email to:

Article 23.

Check-in is possible on the start date of the booked stay after 3:00 pm. Check-out is at 11:00 am on the end date of the booked stay, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Article 24.

If the client fails to check in before 10:00 pm on the start date, this is considered a failure to check in for the booked stay (Article 4 of the GT&Cs), unless otherwise agreed in advance. In that case, the Operator of the Hotel reserves the right to offer a hotel room to other clients.

Article 25.

If the client fails to vacate the room by 10:00 am, a “late check-out” fee of EUR 30 (VAT included) will be charged.  If the client fails to vacate the room after 1:00 pm, the Hotel is entitled to charge the client 100% of the price of the room. The room is considered vacated only after the client has removed all his/her belongings from the room and returned an electronic card to a competent hotel employee at the hotel reception desk.

Article 26.

In the case of special requests (a child cot, early check-in and/or late check-out) or if the client wants to book additional services, the client may contact the hotel reception desk by phone at +385 21 280 887 or by email to:

Article 27.

In exceptional cases the Operator reserves the right to offer the client a different type of accommodation as has been originally agreed, provided that it does not considerably differ from the confirmed booking order.

Article 28.

The Operator has a right to immediately terminate the client’s stay and withdraw from the contract without the client being entitled to claim a refund, if the client causes damage to the hotel property or violates the hotel rules.  The Operator has a right to claim from the client a compensation for all damage caused by the client’s behaviour by which the hotel property was damaged.

Article 29.

The terms and conditions governing the booking of group stays are to be agreed individually with the Operator.

Article 30.

If the client has caused any damage to the hotel property, the hotel has a right to claim a compensation for damage right on site. The amount will be specified based on a price list freely available at the hotel reception desk and/or based on a purchase price. If the Hotel and the hotel guest fail to agree immediately and voluntarily right on site, the Hotel has a right to call a police patrol to resolve the matter.

Article 31.

If a false alarm is triggered due to the client’s failure to respect the fire safety measures such as:

  1. prohibition of smoking in the hotel premises
  2. triggering a smoke screen during events
  3. using a naked flame in the hotel premises
  4. other instances of triggering a false alarm

the service provider may charge a fee up to EUR 2,000.

Article 32.

Discounted stays

The Operator has a right to offer discounted stays (last minute, first minute, etc.). The number of rooms reserved for discounted stays is limited.

Article 33.

The booking and use of discounted stays are governed by special terms and conditions exclusively governing discounted stays which take precedence over these GT&Cs. These GT&Cs shall apply to discounted stays only in those parts that are not governed derogatively or specifically in the special terms and conditions.

Protection of personal data and privacy

Article 34.

The operator processes personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter “the Regulation”) and the Ordinance on the e-Visitor system (OG 43/2020) (hereinafter “Regulations”)

Article 35.

The operator processes the personal data of the users of its services exclusively for the purpose of booking accommodation and mandatory keeping of the list of tourists in accordance with the „Regulations“.

Article 36.

The scope of processed personal data is as follows:

first name and surname,

place, country and date of birth,


type and number of identity document

residence and address,

date and time of check in,

expected date of check out,

date and time of check out,


email address,

phone number.

Article 37.

By making a reservation or registration for a stay at the Hotel, the Service User agrees that they have been presented to him and that he is familiar with this GTC, and that by doing so he consents to the Operator to use the data from Article 36 for the purpose of Article 35.

Article 38.

While processing the personal data, the Operator may carry out processing operations that involve a cross-border transfer of the provided personal data to other European Union Member States and/or access to such data from abroad by means of a remote access system if the filing system is administered by a processor established in that Member State.  During the transfer, the Operator shall ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the protection of the personal data through encryption and by means of both software and hardware tools to secure the transferred data.

Article 39.

The Operator has highly ethical standards in place and respects the privacy of its clients. Except when the data are required to be disclosed under the Act or other generally binding regulations, the Operator shall not disclose or provide access to any personal data to any third parties or other recipients without the client’s consent. The booking system uses state-of-the-art technologies for encryption of sensitive data.

Article 40.

In accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Croatia, the Operator implements all measures and operations for the processing of the personal data in such a manner that the data subjects are duly and timely advised on their rights they are entitled to under the applicable legislation of the Croatia, as well as under European laws and binding international treaties and conventions. In the case of the delivery of a legitimate request from a data subject, the Operator shall handle that request within 30 days of its delivery.

Article 41.

The data subject has a right, especially based on a written request addressed to the Operator, to request the information whether his/her personal data are being processed in the Operator’s filing systems or not; from which source his/her personal data were obtained; the information about the scope or list of the processed personal data; to request rectification or erasure of his/her incomplete, incorrect or outdated personal data; and to request erasure of the personal data whose purpose of processing already ceased or which have been processed without authorisation.

Article 42.

The data subject has a right to object to the processing of personal data for purposes other than those for which the personal data were legitimately provided, and to the processing of personal data which could unlawfully and demonstrably interfere with his/her rights and legally protected interests, provided that such an objection is legitimate. The Operator is obliged to block such personal data without undue delay and destroy them as soon as the circumstances allow so.

Article 43.

If an unauthorised processing of personal data is suspected, the data subject has a right to file a proposal to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Croatia to commence proceedings for the protection of personal data.

Article 45.

The data subject that has no full legal capacity shall exercise his/her rights through his/her parent/legal guardian.

Article 46.

The rights of a deceased data subject may be exercised by a related person pursuant to separate regulations of the Republic Croatia.

Article 47.

Parking spaces in the hotel parking lot, users of hotel services can use free of charge, upon presentation of confirmation of use of services provided by the hotel. External visitors pay for parking in the hotel parking lot in accordance with the valid price list.

Article 48.

 In-room safes are free for all hotel guests. Larger values can be stored in the safe at the reception with a written record of receipt and the type of items received. The operator is not responsible for the possible disappearance of the guest’s belongings that were not stored in the safe at the reception.

Article 49.

Hotel services are all services provided at the location of the hotel, by the Operator or the operator’s business partners, and hotel guests are all users of these services.

Final provisions

Article 50.

These GT&Cs and legal relations arising hereunder are governed by the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Article 51.

Should any provision of these GT&Cs be or become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, such invalidity, ineffectiveness or unenforceability shall have no effect on the validity and effectiveness of other provisions of these GT&Cs.

Article 52.

When confirming his/her reservation, the client accepts these GT&Cs and undertakes to abide by them. The Operator of the Hotel reserves a right to amend these GT&Cs. The obligation to publish amended GT&Cs in writing is deemed fulfilled by posting such amended GT&Cs on the Operator’s website at

These GT&Cs become valid and effective on 1 January 2020.

Hotel Pax

Put iza nove bolnice 10c,

21000 Split, Hrvatska


Pax et bonum d.o.o.

registrirana u Poslovnom registru Trgovačkog suda u Splitu MBS:060403639

Kašteline 6,

21215 Kaštel Lukšić, Hrvatska

OIB: 25114795185